Introducing Gauge-Changing Technology
The Worlds Thinnest (3.8mm) 100Gbps+ QSFP Copper Cable

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Until now, fiber has been the only alternative for data centers looking for high-performance interconnects, as copper is typically too bulky and inflexible at these speeds. GaugeChanger, however extends the life of copper with interconnects that are as fast and as thin as fiber, but at dramatically lower cost and lower power consumption.

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Ultra High Speed Data Center Cables Engineered... not Assembled


Flexibility, Ultra-Low Power

Add flexibility to your data center today without the power consumption and cost of fiber. By defying physics and using Spectra7’s gauge-changing technology, high-speed signals are able to travel at 100Gbps+ speeds on the thinnest OD (3.8mm) QSFP copper interconnect. It’s the best of both worlds.

Ultra High Speed Data Cables

Ultra high speed data center cables need to be engineered…not assembled. Spectra7 engineers every part of the interconnect, from the raw conductor and insulation of the bulk cable, to the traces of geometry of the printed circuit board. Even the tiniest detail of the manufacturing process are engineered with high-speed signals in mind.

Worlds Thinnest-Fastest

Typical QSFP cables are designed with standard cable gauges (AWG) in mind. Spectra7’s innovative technology allows engineers to design cables thinner than standard AWG sizes using little to no power. By using copper as a medium for next generation speeds, the overall cost of systems and data centers are reduced.

Backwards Compatible to 40 Gbps